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Hypno-Relaxation CD
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As you know we really live in a stressed-out world. This hypno-relaxation CD gives you a chance to relax and unwind. You deserve some time for yourself. Enjoy your journey of complete relaxation

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Eliminate Your Test Anxiety and Improve Your Study Habits With Hypnosis

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Offered by Sue Berman, Clinical Hypnotherapist serving Huntington Beach, Orange County, and the Greater Long Beach area.

Sue Berman, Clinical Hypnotherapist has helped many people eliminate their test anxiety and improve study habits with hypnosis. She has had offices in Orange County for over ten years, and currently practices hypnosis in San Diego and Huntington Beach.

How many times have you studied for an examination and had difficulty focusing and concentrating? Have you ever had difficulty memorizing important information? Well, the good news is that hypnosis for test anxiety and study habits is very successful. Through hypnosis for test anxiety you are able to visualize taking the test feeling confident and relaxed. You are able to recall important information from your memory bank.

You will receive a CD of each session.

Call Sue Berman, Clinical Hypnotherapist today to schedule your hypnotherapy appointment for test anxiety and improve your study habits with hypnosis! Sue Berman can be reached at 619-677-5763 or 714-206-0403. Her Huntington Beach Office address is: 6034 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647